Gull Lake Ministries Christian Family Resort & Conference CenterGull Lake Ministries Christian Family Resort & Conference Center

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Gull Lake Ministries Christian Family Resort & Conference CenterGull Lake Ministries Christian Family Resort & Conference Center
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100 Year Anniversary

2020 Marks Gull Lake's

100th Anniversary

As you know, birthdays only roll around every so often…

So we’re pulling out all the stops for our 100th birthday bash, and celebrating all summer long!

Let's Celebrate!

Event Details

The Birthday Celebration All Summer Long!


Fun Activities:

  • Vintage Cars
  • Boating & Tubing
  • Skiing & Banana Boat Rides
  • Zip Line & Screamer Swing



Gourmet Dining:

Gull Lake’s signature Chef-crafted buffet complemented by panoramic lake views!



Share Your Stories!

Maybe you took your first vacation at Gull Lake Ministries in the Swingin’ Sixties when Easy Bake Ovens were all the rage, or maybe this is your first Gull Lake Ministries summer experience! No matter when you started coming, please share your pictures, videos, stories, memories, and traditions with us!


Help us continue to be apart of your family’s favorite memories for a long time by donating to our ministry. 

We Want To Hear Your Stories!

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Corey Williams
Corey Williams
1 year ago

This is our 9th year of coming to GLM. Every year is like new. I am convicted more and more to be a better Christian, husband, and father. The staff here are top notch. From upper management (Ambush, Hoedown, Tisk, Swish, and Happy), to the counselors, everyone is committed to the teaching of God’s Word. When you leave you’re spiritually refreshed and ready to serve.

Tim Richardson
Tim Richardson
1 year ago

Love this place

Rachel Sawatzky
Rachel Sawatzky
11 months ago

We started going to Gull Lake Bible & Missionary Conference as a family back in the 80’s, when I was young child. It quickly became our favorite week each summer, and we usually went during HCJB week with either Ron Cline or Jim Allen. I have so many special memories of my summers at Gull Lake. As soon as I was old enough to work there, I started spending the entire summer there, and worked 5 summers in a row in the youth program! So much of my spiritual growth happened at GLM, as I sat under so many godly… Read more »

Lisa Dunlap
Lisa Dunlap
2 months ago

I have been coming to Gull Lake for almost 60 years. Our whole family has come and we have passed the tradition on to our children. We now have a new baby in the family and soon we will introduce another generation to Gull Lake. Gull Lake is a place where I find peace, love, friendship, fun, laughter, and above all my faith is always strengthened. I remember going to the children’s chapel, Kellog’s Cereal tours, the bird sanctuary, movie night in the Tabernacle, Friday water carnival and endless afternoons at the beach. Everything I remember as a child has… Read more »


3 Cottages, Tabernacle Upgrade, and Scholarship Fund Expansion

Join us in a pledge as we prepare Gull Lake for the next  100 Years of serving Families!

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