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Gull Lake Ministries' staff is a group of people with a love for Jesus and a heart for ministry. We recognize that real service isn't about mints on your pillow or how many adrenaline-surging activities we offer. It's about meeting the real needs of our guests without any strings attached—simply selfless acts of kindness. Because Jesus is our model, we want to demonstrate our love for Him in the little opportunities that occur every day. If there's a need, we want to meet it. We know that we look most like Christ when we are serving others. Our passion is to joyfully serve you in all we do!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Image of Daniel Wallace

 Daniel Wallace
 Executive Director
 269-671-5155 (ext. 209)

Image of Matt Palella

 Matt Palella
 Ministries Director
 269-671-5155 (ext. 210)

Steve Keith

 Steve Keith
 Facilities Director
 269-671-5155 (ext. 229)


Image of Tim Richardson

 Tim Richardson
 Director of Marketing and Development
 269-671-5155 (ext. 206)


Image of Alex Roussakis

 Alex Roussakis
 Executive Chef
 269-671-5155 (ext. 222)


 Tom Bos
 Sales Manager
 269-671-5155 (ext. 204)


 Tony Miner
 Guest Services Manager
 269-671-5155 (ext. 205)



 Katie Keefe
 Guest Services Coordinator
 269-671-5155 (ext. 202)


 Tammi Horn 
 269-671-5155 (ext. 208)


Our Board of Directors

  • Angela Bryant
  • Jim DeKruyter
  • John DeKruyter
  • Jim Gordon
  • Tom Klobucher
  • Ron Kopicko
  • Britt Metzger
  • Gary Moore
  • Neil Nyberg
  • Max Smith
  • Bill Stanczykiewicz
  • Dan VanderMeulen
  • Daniel Wallace
  • Joyce Williams

Paul D. Gordon, 1923-2008, was our beloved Board Chairman for over 40 years. Find out more about this man who lived out his faith.


Summer Staff

Each year the GLM hiring committee packs its bags and travels the recruiting trail to find college students who love Jesus and want to serve you and your children during your week of Christian family vacation. Our staff selection process is intense and, if selected, staff members receive over 40 hours of training, preparing them to give you the most exceptional experience possible. These spiritually mature college students stand out among their peers; they model character, respect, and modesty, and they want to get to know you and your kids!