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GLM Summer Staff


Welcome, Potential Summer Staff!  

We are beyond thankful for the work the Lord did in and through our 2017 Summer Staff Team. We witnessed over 70 baptisms and our 90+ college staff served over 500 families. Starting January, we will hit the road and start recruiting for our 2018 Summer Staff Team.

Part 1
Part 2
Reference Form - Send this link to your references

Summer Dates:

Orientation:       May 25 - June 5

1st Half:             June 5 - July 6

2nd Half:            July 6 - August 11

Full Summer:     June 5 - August 11

Check out the list below to find out if we are at your college!

1/15     Olivet Nazarene University

1/16     Lincoln Christian University

1/17     Concordia University

1/18     Moody Bible Institute

1/19     Wheaton College

1/21     Central Michigan University

1/22     Bethel College

1/23     Anderson College

1/24     Indiana Wesleyan University

1/25     Huntington University

1/29     Hope College

1/30     Cornerstone University

1/31     Spring Arbor University

2/1       Soma: Hillsdale College

2/2       Hillsdale College

2/6       Taylor University

2/7       Cedarville University

2/8       Mount Vernon Nazarene University & Ashland (Well, evening)

2/9       Ashland University & Malone University 

Summer is right around the corner and we are eagerly anticipating what the Lord will do in 2018 - and that very well could involve YOU! If you are at all interested in spending part or all of your summer with us please fill out our online application by using the following links:


YOU are the heartbeat of Gull Lake Ministries. YOU are the means by which lives are forever changed.

Gull Lake Ministries exists to proclaim Jesus and share his love with families. Gull Lake Ministries operates as a “youth camp” for families. We offer resort accommodations and chef-prepared food while providing energetic, pumped-up programming for the family. But it is only through YOUR passionate, selfless service that we are able to usher the presence of Jesus into the lives of families and ignite change. It is YOUR fervent commitment to Jesus that inspires children and adults alike to make a personal commitment to Christ. Gull Lake Ministries wants to link arms with you as we minister to families, radically transforming lives for Jesus and providing refreshment and renewal to thirsty hearts. 

We need you to accomplish our mission.

Ministry Focus

1. The Family

Gull Lake Ministries seeks to breathe life, renewal, unity, and refreshment into the family unit and radically transform lives for Jesus within this context.

2. Youth

The GLM team provides purposeful, energetic, Christ-centered programming for every stage of youth development. The counselor-camper relationship is pivotal; the counselor (you) has the power to impact young lives forever by speaking truth, love, and hope into the lives of young campers. We divide youth into categories based on age.


Staff Expectations

Relationship and selfless service serve as the foundation of what we do. The GLM team wants nothing to detract from the mission – to exalt Jesus Christ and powerfully change lives by ministering to individuals and families with the highest standard of Christian programming and service. 

As a GLM summer staffer, you will hear this phrase often, “What we do in moderation, they will do in excess.” Young hearts naturally imitate those they admire. Because you hold a place of tremendous influence and will be working with a variety of age groups, Gull Lake Ministries may ask you forgo certain things you are accustomed to having in your daily life. These sacrifices enable you to focus wholly on the tasks at hand, and they help create a distraction-free setting where families can better connect with you, each other, and God.

Gull Lake Ministries recognizes that sacrifice often involves some level of discomfort, but we also ask you to keep in mind the powerful role you play in the lives of campers and the eternal impact your selfless service has. 

1 Corinthians 15:58

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

 We applaud you for your selflessness and courage as you venture into a summer yielded to God. He generously rewards and moves mightily in the lives of those who are humbly surrendered to him and his will for their life.


The safety of our campers and staff is imperative. To ensure the highest level of safety, all staff will be asked to adhere to GLM regulations regarding curfew, driving, media devices, personal appearance, and hygiene. Campers and staff are prohibited from the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or any dangerous drugs while camp is in session and during time off. Individuals currently struggling eating disorders, or any condition that may potentially impede one from safely performing their duties, should delay applying until they have experienced full healing.



Gull Lake Ministries understands that personal appearance often serves as a medium of self-expression and creativity. And there is nothing wrong with that! However, you will be working with a variety of age groups. Parents often have specific preferences for their children in regard to their appearance and dress.

As stated prior, what we do in moderation, they will do in excess. Gull Lake Ministries desires to enhance unity within the family and circumvent any issue that may serve wedge between parent and child. For this reason, we have chosen to take a conservative approach to our dress, appearance, and behavior. We request our staff not have wild hair colors or styles, body piercings (except single earrings on girls), or visible tattoos. Additionally, we ask male staff to be cleanly shaven with no long hair. Again, Gull Lake Ministries wants to highlight the fact that in no way are we saying these styles are immoral; rather, we are asking you to forgo personal preference in order to achieve our mission to radically impact families for Christ. We understand this may require significant sacrifice on your part, and we thank you for your selflessness and willingness to serve our campers in this unique way.



Gull Lake Ministries is designed to be a haven from the commotion of daily life so families can effectively connect, renew, and recharge. Our guests do not have access to television or computers, and access to Wi-Fi is limited. In order to preserve this environment and free everyone from these distractions, staff may only use cell phones and other media devices during weekend time off.



With over 400 families, more than 90 summer staff, and 18 residential staff at camp each year, our ministry represents many different Christian denominations. To promote the “unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace,” (Ephesians 4:3) we ask our staff not to teach, promote, or practice interpretations of any doctrinal issues, which have historically brought division in the body of Christ. Again, we choose to limit our freedoms in order to impact kids and parents for Christ.

Salary & Benefits

Salary for returning staff is higher than the base salaries noted below, and increase each consecutive summer. Lodging and meals are provided throughout the summer for each staff member, except for meals during time off.

Base Salary    

FIRST HALF (6 weeks) $1000

SECOND HALF (6 weeks) $1000

FULL SUMMER (11 weeks) $2000

All staff members are required to be at Gull Lake Ministries for staff orientation (though we do make exceptions in certain circumstances) and the full term they are hired to serve unless permission to leave is obtained in writing.


Applicants should provide as much information as possible. We will do our best to match needs to abilities and interests. Parts I and II of the application can be filled out online at People with questions can email


 Hiring decisions will be delayed until GLM receives at least two references from each applicant, though three are preferred. These forms can be obtained online at References cannot be completed by relatives. If an applicant does not know a former GLM Summer Staffer, someone in another ministry position can complete the final reference.


A personal interview is necessary to be considered for employment. If it is not possible to interview at one of our recruiting locations, applicants are encouraged to complete their application for GLM to review. After the application is received, the applicant will be contacted to set up a Skype or phone interview.

If you have questions or would like information now feel free to email us at or call 1-(800)-350-2442.